Refuse the Bitter Pills

By Suzanne Deakins for PQ Monthly

Our society conflicts with contractions that put our future in peril. As we approach the election of our presidency more than a 4-year term is at stake.  The very freedoms we have fought for may be on the chopping block. When one group loses freedoms, the whole world loses.

Living with contradictions has become a way of life for intelligent people. With Ketman like qualifications, leaders assert they have the right to be wrong. Being wrong is more than just aligning oneself with a mistake it deals with joining the delusion of a democracy and the right to expression. Our human past is replete with revolutions born out of Ketman like silence. The Ketman effect is when those in a position to change the course of history, by positive assertion of Truth and premises based on Truth and reality, and yet they deny what is right out of fear and lack of courage. Simply put, the act of covering one’s behind… rather than take a stand for what is right for all people.

Refusing to be responsible is opium to the ego mind. Intelligent leaders are swept up in the euphoria by being mediocre and their unwillingness to shout out for what is right. Why are we willing to sacrifice our sense of justice and equality for all, for this illusion and euphoria of being mediocre? What kind of pill have we been swallowing to allow our country, our world get to this place in consciousness. While we criticize another country for their incarceration of individuals for their need to express themselves, we vote in politicians that would limit our freedoms. We vote in those who tell us that our freedoms are confined to their narrow view of life.

We hear politicians say that those who are homosexual aren’t of God… what is next? Will we vote these idiots into office and watch while they say those who practice learning another language or reading a book or producing a painting are not of God? Not as far-fetched as you might think. Historically the lack of support of arts and languages is the path that dictators take.

The question remains why are intelligent people willing to stand behind a premise that is foul and destructive? How does one live with a contradiction knowing the Truth and yet prepared to live the lie? Searching through all that I can I am stupefied by this willingness to accept erroneous beliefs except for one small idea. We have lost our courage and pioneering spirit. Becoming complacent in our convictions and willing to side with erroneous beliefs…

Forget about the red and yellow peril of the past generations and look at what we are constructing. As the leader of democracy, we are a peril to the very health of what democracy stands for. We have decided that equal is treating everyone the same rather than celebrating the individuality of being. We have decided that we know what is of Truth. Our policy is no longer one of embracing the huddle masses… but of exclusion.

The courage to be, takes us out of the illusion of ordinary into an extraordinary state of existence. Our lives become one of embracing individuality and yet understanding the core of all life is of one idea no matter what it is called. Those with the courage of being, don’t have to spout their passion they live it. They are willing to stand up in the face of adversity for what is Truth and right for all. Those with the courage to be, protect children from the rhetoric of fear and the opium of delusion. Individuality becomes a source of pride and celebration. Freedom for all is the major premise of governing law.

The courage to be, is more than accepting Truth. It is about freeing our minds from the captivity of the delusion of freedom and ego. As long as our intellects remain captive, we will cover our behinds and invoke the Ketman aspect of consciousness.

To become courageous refuse to swallow the bitter pills we are handed stand up to those who would pervert our freedom and feed us false premises.

Call out: Those with the courage to be, protect children from the rhetoric of fear and the opium of delusion. Individuality becomes a source of pride and celebration. Freedom for all is the major premise of governing law