Rapper Eve Tells PQ: ‘If the Gays Don’t Like You, You’re Not Cool’

PQ contributor Shaley Howard (right) interviews rapper Eve.
PQ contributor Shaley Howard (right) interviews rapper Eve.

By Shaley Howard, PQ Monthly

San Francisco’s 2013 Pride was the largest in its history — with an estimated 1.5 million people in attendance — and Grammy award winning rapper and musician Eve Jihan Jeffers (better known as just Eve) was there to help celebrate as a headliner for Eden in the Bay’s Pride events.

If you haven’t experienced an Eden Pride event, let me tell you — they are bumpin! For those unfamiliar, Eden puts on women-focused events in the Bay Area and across the Western states.

Eden and Eve completely rocked the house Saturday night to a packed club of fans (including this writer), rapping some crowd favorites such as “Who’s That Girl,” “Tambourine,” and “Rich Girl.” What struck me is how authentic and engaging she is with the crowd. Well, and she’s also super hot.

And this lucky lady was fortunate enough to have an exclusive PQ Monthly interview with her after the show to talk a bit about her and the LGBTQ community.

PQ: What’s it like to be part of San Francisco Pride in 2013, especially now with the recent over ruling of DOMA and Prop 8?
Eve: It’s amazing. You can feel the energy here. You can feel how excited and how proud and how, I guess for lack of a better word, high….just high off happiness. You can feel it. It’s been like that all day and even tonight in the crowd. I am very happy to be here.

PQ: What would you like to say to your huge gay fan base?

Eve: First of all, thank you. Thank you for always, ALWAYS being supportive. I always say if the gays don’t like you you’re not cool [laughing]. I truly believe that and thank you for your support.

PQ: Are there any other ways that you support the LGBTQ community, besides of course producing fantastic shows and entertaining?

Eve: Actually I don’t do enough and that’s a real honest answer. I don’t do enough. I have done a few different prides, I have done some public service announcements but no, I don’t think I’ve done enough. I should do more.

PQ: I didn’t mean to make you feel guilty! [Laughing]

Eve:  [Laughing] …No, you didn’t. You know it’s not a guilty thing…I want to do more.

PQ:  Are there any other situations that you can relate to in your past or life that are similar to the LGBTQ bullying that’s going on and how many kids have been killing themselves?

Eve: No, honestly I haven’t, but I have had people close to me that have had situations but not in my personal life. I do understand how important it is to try and help get the word out there. In my recent video “Make It Out of This Town,” I have a young gay kid in the video that’s being bullied. It’s something that is important for people to see and people to talk about.

PQ: Are you going to make it up to Portland soon?

Eve: I want to!  I think I’ve only been to Portland once in 2000, like so long ago. So I would love to come back to Portland!

Eve feat. Gabe Saporta – Make It Out Of This Town (Official Video) from Ultimate Gabe Saporta on Vimeo.

Even if Eve doesn’t make it back up to Portland soon, Eden’s coming to the Northwest in October! That’s right, Eden PNW — a collaboration between Eden Pride Events, The Seattle Lesbian and PQ Monthly — is having a 4-day weekend event for women and our friends in Seaside, Ore., fom October 3 to 6. Why Seaside? Here are a few reasons. More details are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Who knows, maybe Seaside will become the Province town of the NW!