Queerlandia This Weekend!

The Return of LunchLady, pictured above at Cafeteria

Oh look, we found your plans for Saturday night.

If the world’s really going to end–and things like this make us wonder if it –we may as well go out dancing. Lucky for you, Queerlandia has gathered a ton of the city’s gay goodness and crammed it into one place. Deejays, live acts, the entire, sprawling Red Cap/Boxxes complex–it’s all yours. A certain notorious LunchLady might even be flying in from Los Angeles to join the festivities.

In their words: “For the second installment of our 5 part end-of-the-world parties we’re taking over Red Cap + Boxxes to serve up some special guests, hot decorations, secret treats and, of course, sickening beats.”

The other day, a friend asked me what he should do this weekend. “Queerlandia,” I said, not missing a beat. He then implored me to tell him all about it, what’s it like, who’s going. “I seriously have to pitch this to you?” was my reply. “It’s not an automatic?” At least in my eyes, there are parties that should be a given. This is one of them. That said, here’s my best pitch:

1. Deejays: LunchLady, Bruce LaBruiser, Huf n Stuf, Hold My Hand, Orographic

2. Performances: SistaFist, Jeau Breedlove (if you’ve somehow missed either or both of these acts, trust us: don’t)

3. No cover

See how that works?

I also have it on good authority there may be a Whitney tribute worked into one of the performances. True story.

Remember when we told you all about how queered up and fun Red Cap has become again? Here’s your chance to see our words in action.

And we’ll see you on the dance floor.