Queerest of the Queer: Can America survive the homosexual agenda’s “moral iceberg”?


By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that this weekend is the 100th anniversary of The Titanic’s deadly collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. (If you didn’t know, the 3-D re-release of that three-hour movie theater make-out soundtrack starring Kate Winslet probably makes more sense now.)

But the anniversary doesn’t just provide fodder for endless Titanic-related media stories and opportunities for Winslet to vomit at the sound of the Celine Dion intro track (you have our sincere sympathies Kate — well, maybe not Daniel’s). It also serves as a creative (?) metaphor for every far-right religious nut’s favorite enemy, the Radical Homosexual Agenda.

Right Wing Watch reports that Truth in Action Ministries has set out to warn the masses about the “moral iceberg” that is, well, us. Being the crafty queers that we are, we have somehow managed to be both lurking on the horizon, and piercing the bowels of the ship of American righteousness. As the Huffington Post points out:

“The homosexual agenda is the moral iceberg that we need to steer clear of,” Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel notes in a clip, which presents highlights of the film.

Adds radio talk show host and author Michael Brown, “We’ve already hit the iceberg and the ship is already going down.”

The video asks if we can repair the damage before it’s too late. But the real question is, what band do we want to play while we’re slowly sinking into an ocean of sin?

Erin Rook is a staff writer for PQ Monthly and nominates Sleater-Kinney to be the end times band. Clearly. Send your suggestions to erin@pqmonthly.com.