Promises, Promises: Barney Frank’s Marriage Pledge (And: Palin Stocks Up On Fried Chickens)

Well, you knew it wasn’t going to be the GOP that did it first. This from The Advocate, who chatted with Rep. Barney Frank about preparations for the Democratic National Convention: “Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts said in a telephone interview Monday that the Democratic Party will affirm its commitment to marriage equality in the platform currently being drafted and that the move has his ‘full support.'”

You can be sure people like Sarah Palin, who spent the better part of the weekend throwing fried chickens down their mouth holes in support of “traditional marriage,” will make the move a rallying cry of sorts. I wonder how many trips to Chick-fil-A it’ll take to counteract this decidedly democratic development. (That’s a lot of sweet chickens.)

More on the platform: “The out gay congressman, who is stepping down this year, sits on the 15-member platform drafting committee that heard testimony from advocates in Minneapolis this weekend. The committee will send recommendations to the full platform committee set to meet in Detroit next month. The process will culminate at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this September.

Frank said that the Democratic Party had already cemented its support for marriage equality with President Barack Obama’s refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court, while House Republicans have taken up the law’s defense.”

Multiple sites are starting to report this development, so it’s pretty safe to assume it’s a done deal. Some sources are reporting the vote’s already taken place and decisions  have been made (and the vote was unanimous). Chalk up one more for the history books, folks: same-sex marriage will be part of a major party platform this fall.