Portland Stands With #Orlando

By Olivia Olivia, PQ Monthly

poster from night at Pulse that was Targeted

On Sunday morning, the world woke up to the news that the largest single-person mass shooting in American history had taken 50 lives at a gay club in Orlando, …

Why Pride is still Relevant

By Shaley Howard, PQ Monthly

Every year around the beginning of June the question of ‘Is Pride still relevant?’ seems to comes up. And each time I find myself thinking back 20+ years ago remembering the climate of acceptance and tolerance …

GET OUT! March/April

PQ Picks

1) Friday, March 25

Spring Awakening party by the Gay Prides of Vancouver. Give some love to Portland’s neighbor to the North: Join Your Mr. Ms. And Miss Vancouver Gay Pride, Steven D. Westwood, Nirvana Dix Dupont and Dixie B. …

Pride begins- and ends- with YOU!

To honor her great service, the new board voted to retire the Spirit of Pride Award, and instead established the Debra Porta Community Spotlight Award to celebrate and recognize excellence among our intersecting LGBTQ communities.

Change is in the air this …