PQ Hump Day Free Ride: Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Fest, Take Two


By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

The Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival kicks off tomorrow and we’re so excited to be sponsoring the showcase of LGBTQ film that we’re giving away another pair of tickets to “Mosquita y Mari,” showing with “The Plan” at 5 p.m., Sept. 29 at Cinema 21.

Here’s how the PLGFF describes the films:

Mosquita y Mari is a coming of age story that focuses on a tender friendship between two young Chicanas. Yolanda and Mari are growing up in Huntington Park, Los Angeles and have only known loyalty to one thing: family. Growing up in immigrant households, both girls are expected to prioritize the well-being of their families. Yolanda, an only child, gets straight A’s and the hope of the American Dream while Mari, the eldest, shares economic responsibilities with her undocumented family who scrambles to make ends meet. When Mari moves in across the street from Yolanda, they maintain their usual life routine, until an incident at school thrusts them into a friendship and into unknown territory. As their friendship grows, a yearning to explore their strange yet beautiful connection surfaces. Lost in their private world of unspoken affection, lingering gazes, and heart-felt confessions of uncertain futures, Yolanda’s grades begin to slip while Mari’s  focus drifts away from her duties at a new job. Mounting pressures at home collide with their new-found affections, forcing them to choose between their obligations to others and staying true to themselves.

THE PLAN – A young woman works toward a music career while caring for her ailing girlfriend.

But, just like last week, we’re giving away more than the pair of tickets. The winner will also receive gift certificates to Mother’s Bistro & Bar, Cupcake Jones, The Cadillac Cafe, K9 Dental, and Tan Republic.

So how do you have to do to claim all this goodness? Spin hay into gold? Give us your first born child? Guess my middle name? Nope. It’s way easier than that. All you have to do is email the answers to the following questions to erin@pqmonthly.com.

Here are your questions (all the answers can be found on our website):

1. How much did the Portland AIDS Walk raise this year?

2. What celebrity may be submitting a film trailer to Shorty Shorts?

Because the film is showing on Saturday, this one will have a quicker turnaround than usual. You have 24 hours to send in your answers. One lucky winner will be selected at random from the submissions received by the deadline. We’ll announce the winners Thursday afternoon. And…..GO!

Stay tuned for next week’s PQ Hump Day Free Ride. (And check out the trailers for “Mosquita y Mari” and “The Plan” below.)