PQ Hump Day Free Ride: OMSI’s Race Exhibit and Other Prizes

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

Here at PQ Monthly, we know the way to your heart is not only through your stomach, but through your mind as well. That’s why we’re excited to share another pair of tickets to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry‘s compelling new exhibit “RACE: Are We So Different?” as well as gift certificates to Cadillac Cafe and Cupcake Jones!

“At OMSI, we’re proud to present thought-provoking exhibits that encourage further exploration of ideas,” says President Nancy Stueber in a release. “Our visitors know we are – and always will be – a place for hands-on science learning that appeals to all ages. We also want them to think and talk about important social issues in which science plays a role, and we want to give them the space and the tools to do that.”

So what exactly does the exhibit include? RACE explores the history of ideas about race and the role that economic interests, popular culture, science, politics, and the struggle for power have played in shaping them.

Specifically, it features the following:

• Everyday experience: Though race may not be a real biological concept, it certainly is real both socially and culturally. In this section of the exhibit, visitors will explore the personal experiences of race in our schools, neighborhoods, health care systems, sports and entertainment industries, and more.

• Who’s Talking? is an activity with surprising results that invites visitors to match voices with people in photos based on speech patterns and inflection.

• An exploration of the United States Census demonstrates how our conception of race is ever-changing and has morphed throughout American history according to social, economic, and political forces.

• The work of photographer Wing Young Huie, which captures – in ways large and small – the lives of diverse individuals and communities across the country.

• The Living with Race Video Kiosk, where visitors can hear people talking about their experiences with race and racism. Examples include a person talking about becoming aware of her white privilege, another talking about growing up Korean in a white family, and yet another discussing what it’s like to be a part of a multi-racial couple.

• Youth on Race is a video featuring high schoolers relating their views of racial identity and how they differ from those of their parents.

But how do you win tickets? Since the prize is so thought-provoking, why not warm up your brain with the following questions. Then email the answers to erin@pqmonthly.com.

Here are your questions (all the answers can be found on our website):

1. Comedienne Margaret Cho received an Emmy nomination for portraying which world leader?

2. Johannesburg Pride was recently protested by which organization?

You have until Friday, Oct. 12 at midnight to send in your answers. One lucky winner will be selected at random from the submissions received by the deadline. We’ll announce the winner over the weekend. And…..GO!

Want a sneak peak of what the exhibit’s all about? Check out the preview video below.