Power Lesbians – About our Cover

cover original imageIs there anything more beautiful than the St. John’s Bridge? Well, sure, there are probably more beautiful things, but it ranks among our favorite places in the city, which is why we chose it as the backdrop for our “Butch Edition,” a now-yearly theme we wish to grow and continue. So many things come to mind when we say “butch” — identity, feminism, dapper fashion, and femmes, for starters. But our publisher had a very specific aesthetic (and models) in mind when she shot this. Cover photo and photos by Melanie Davis.IMG_3574
Jenn Davis own Escape Bar and Grill, a destination frequented by queers of all stripes. Armida Hanlon is co-owner of Hot Flash Inferno, a bi-monthly dance party that attracts a gorgeous collection of ladies. Make sure you check out a Hot Flash dance (check our calendar) and head over to the Escape for a variety of tasty treats and libations. You can find the Escape at 9004 NE Sandy.

IMG_3584Rasha and Vanna Pecoraro, launched Dapper D Fashion after being successfully funded on Kickstarter, and they offer you all need to be dapper and dandy. You simply must see their website at http://www.dapperdfashions.com/ and stay atop all the latest finds and trends.

Because, as always, we at PQ Monthly urge you to support local business!