Poll Shows 49% Favor, 42% Oppose Changing Oregon Constitution For Marriage Equality

Pro-marriage equality marcher
Photo by Julie Cortez, PQ Monthly
By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Newly-released research indicates that a majority of Oregon voters support changing the state’s constitution to allow same-sex marriage.

Portland-based opinion research organization DHM conducted a random-sample telephone survey of 500 registered voters in Oregon between April 25 and April 28; the sample included quotas for age, sex, and political affiliation to ensure a representative sample of the state’s voters. The results should be thrilling for marriage equality supporters: in response to the question “Do you favor or oppose changing the Oregon constitution to allow same-sex marriage in the state?” 49% of voters responded “favor;” 9% responded that they were still undecided on the issue.
DHM Marriage Equality Poll
Joan McCarter of the Daily Kos articulates the most promising part of the research findings:

What’s particularly encouraging about that number is the wording of the poll question. Saying yes to “changing the Oregon constitution” instead of a much more neutral question like “do you support or oppose same sex marriage” indicates that a 49 percent level of support is pretty solid. That’s very encouraging, 18 months ahead of the election, and not out of line with polling from PPP last December that found 54 percent of voters think “same-sex marriage should be allowed in Oregon.”


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