By Olivia Olivia

PFLAG Portland Black Chapter is honoring February 2016 as Black History Month with a program called Black Love Matters. The program is intended to spotlight what Black Love means to people in the community.
PFLAG Portland Black Chapter’s website explains “We want to see shots of you and your loved ones, be they partners, children, siblings, parents, friends, mentors, or spouses – we want to see shots of you and your loved ones representing Black Love in all its shapes, forms, and sizes. We want to show the world that loving ourselves comes in a variety of meaningful relationships. And you – yes you! – and the love you have for others like you is exactly the kind of story that needs to be shared.”

Community members are invited to “Submit your photos, stories, quotes, and memories to and we might share it in our social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter, or our Portland Black Pride page.”

To participate in #BlackLoveMatters:

  1. Email a photo to OR message us on Facebook at Portland Black Pride.

  2. Include names of all pictured in the photo.

  3. Include a sentence or two on why #BlackLoveMatters

The deadline for accepting input is February 29, 2016.