Finding Leo: The Flame

By Leo Bancroft for PQ Monthly

I was in a bar the other day, telling a story about what’s new with my life.  I began by saying, “Well, I’m starting a church…”

My friend made a face.  Yep.  I would make that …

Finding Leo: Of Love and Pride

Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

Pride is defiance. Pride is art and beauty. Pride is my community.

Pride is a celebration of love, human dignity, and self-worth, amidst the noise and nonsense of bigotry and discrimination.

I walk in the Pride Parade as a …

Finding Leo: The Holes in My Heart

Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

Warning: It is a dangerous thing to open our hearts. Love is risk and vulnerability. Love is fear and hope.  Love for our friends, partners, families, and pets will lead us to both exultation and grief.

In my …

Finding Leo: The Binder Adventure

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

I came out as trans in 2013. This revelation introduced a whole new level of questioning and much emotional energy invested in the question “Am I really trans?” I would review the DSM-IV definition of transgender …

Finding Leo: One Chest Hair Is Enough

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly


I have been on testosterone for 21 months, and still only have one chest hair.  One.  It’s faint, and sometimes I need my glasses on to see it, but it’s there. Sigh. My facial hair status …

Finding Leo: Back to the Beginning

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

Coming out as trans, starting with my own self-realization on March 26, 2013, was both terrifying and liberating. Of course, I told Daniel first. A friend of many years, he is the one I call when …

Finding Leo: Light a Candle

When I look back over 2015, there were many bright moments. I had a few firsts in my life as a trans man: taking off my shirt in public for the Trans Pride March in June, wearing a tux for …

Finding Leo: A Place at the Table

By Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly


I love autumn leaves and pumpkins, turkey and mashed potatoes, my friends and my family. I really want Thanksgiving to be my favorite holiday. But anticipating that it will not be the ideal holiday I envision, …