Cultivating Life: April/May 2012


I’m a giant carrot
by LeAnn Locher, PQ Monthly


If you are what you eat, after this past year of changing up my diet, I’m a giant walking carrot. About a year ago I set out on a journey to change up …

Cultivating Life: March/April 2012


Blooming into spring


Ah, the rites of spring. What do they bring? The first pedicure of the season. Feeling a breeze on arms bared for a moment in sunshine. Seeing neighbors out on walks we really only see nine months of …

Cultivating Life: February 2012


Ways to survive a Northwest winter


Seriously. Winters are rough. Grey, rain, cold, dark, rinse, repeat. As an avid cultivator of great things from the garden, kitchen, and life, February can be a low point. Still reading? It gets better. I …