Unsung Women Heroes and the Butterfly Effect

Suzanne Deakins, GLAPN


This is a story about women. Women we don’t know, whose names never appears in headlines of the newspaper, nor are they considered hero activists. Women no matter what their gender identity, sexual preferences, or station in life, …

Protest and Renewal: Working for Welcome

St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Beaverton, Oregon

Leo Bancroft, PQ Monthly

You are not alone. You are lovable and worthy.  For those of us longing for a community of faith, yearning to be known and loved by God, we need to hear these …

Our Midlife Adventure (Not Crisis!), Pt. 4

We rented a small studio here for about $600 for the month, and played on the beach, ate unbelievable amounts of oranges, figs, and olives and just took in the splendor of Andalucia.

By Kim Dunn & Laura Waters, Special for …

Queering Parenthood: Bow Ties and Baby Bumps

Beth Mattson (far right) with partner Chris and first-born Charlie. Submitted photo.
By Beth Mattson, PQ Monthly

It was very easy for me to identify as queer when I was living in San Francisco without children of my own. It seemed simple …