Page 3: A Message From Our Publisher

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I have been spending the last few days pouring over the pages of El Hispanic News, PQ Monthly, The Asian Reporter, Street Roots, The Portland Observer, The Skanner, and many other independent media outlets locally and nationally. See, many of my colleagues in the realm of independent media have been sharing the truths about our communities for decades. For the last 35 years El Hispanic News has shared the truths; for both legal and illegal around immigration, the servitude and the plight, the fight to end pesticides being sprayed on your food and on our backs, and so people would no longer have to die in the fields. We have shared the truths about the education system and prison systems, both police heroes and those who are brutal. With pride, we have shared the truth about those who have served honorably, and shamefully those who have not served as good citizens.

We have never shied away from our truths and who we are, where we come from, or what we do to feed our families or yours…We are honest about the crosses we bear and for the last, going on five years we have had the opportunity to commune together and grow our family. It has brought better creation and evolution of understanding. Now looking back on the many truths we have shared from PQ family over the years, we challenged the face of LGB, added the T and Q and Every letter, and Every color shared their story truthfully – The good, the bad, and the ugly. So I ask myself on Super Tuesday WTF? How did over half our country (Leaders of the Free World) say “that guy” is fit to be President Elect?

I have crunched many numbers this election and every time I said “do the math, he is going to win” no one listened. No one could figure out my formula even though I said it over and over again and it will be the same formula used for the elimination of our rights, and once we are gone, who will be left to fight for you?

As a person of color, Latinx, Queer alcoholic working my steps I know what it is to have to be vulnerable enough to give up absolute power and admit my truths about rape, abuse, being called names, taunted, and bullied. I know what it means to let the ego go and be thoroughly humbled and humiliated, and then have to make amends. I have learned the Achilles tendon rips with little persuasion…

I share this as a brutal reminder to myself and others that despite the two candidates we had to choose from only one violated generations of women and girls and validated rape culture as a value into generations of men and boys. Men and boys, not just Gay/Bi/Trans/POC, but ALL men and boys – many of whom have been raped, molested, sexually assaulted, and physically and emotionally preyed upon. Bullied by the likes of this President Elect. And yet we as a nation have not acknowledged their abuse. I know my male abusers learned abuse as a child from someone else. However, there are no resources for them to get help – so they suffer in silence and soldier on hating more and more all who seem different. And in my opinion, this indoctrination of our men is the original sin[.]

We are in a state of emergency – this election has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how much the right hates themselves, and the crosses they bear are exposed. We can see in each of your eyes, you have been hurt… What we don’t know is who hurt you so badly that you unleashed the fires of hell on earth and are trying so desperately to justify it as righteous. So until you heal your many untold truths, we must organize, call on our allies to trust us when we say we need help, and our allies need to listen and step in when we need you. We need your privilege to survive these desperate times. Time to decolonize the food, body, and mind!

On the following pages, you will find ways you can support with your time and money. An organization that I feel is most vulnerable and can use our help in many respects is as many of you remember the Day Labor site lost $75,000.00 in funding when they stood with us in our fight for marriage equality. My recommendation is everyone who got married send them a check with a thank you card as our most vulnerable are going to need it.

#ProudQueers time to #doomandbloom

¡Viva la Causa!

Melanie C. Davis

Owner – Publisher