Open Letter to Donald Trump


Mr. Trump,

My name in Melanie Davis. I am the Owner of Brilliant Media llc., the parent company that publishes El Hispanic News (the Nations #1 bilingual publication for 7 consecutive years according to, to the National Association of Hispanic Publications) and PQ Monthly, currently serving Oregon and SW Washington’s LGBTQ communities, with rapid expansion happening in the Bay Area and Seattle, WA. In addition we publish Tankside, a mainstream motorcycle publication serving both Oregon and Washington.

Now, I bring this up not to sell you advertisement. Rather, I am publicly writing today, to, thank you. I feel compelled. You have helped me better understand myself, my love, my commitment to my God, and my power. I am now in a place of unconditional love, and I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for both my parents who married young and despite all odd stayed married until my father passed a month before their 35th Wedding Anniversary. I am grateful for my entire family of Los Padillas, New Mexico, who initially settled in the Southwest around 1609. It is the creed of the Padilla roots that breathes in our family’s souls. In that, we are ‘a family of extended family.’  As you know, New Mexico and Arizona joined the Union in 1912 – What you don’t know is that was one year after the birth of my great grandmother Susana Padilla (born 1911). She was the matriarch of our city. My great grandmother Susana Padilla, who was widowed in her sixties, never remarried, and so loyal to her husband (Mr. Julian Padilla Sr.) that she insisted we cremate her and bury her ashes at the feet of her husband’s grave when she passed in her late 80’s.

I share this with you to demonstrate that our love, commitment, and faith in and for our family and spirituality is not a weakness it is our POWER!

As the first great grandchild, I would stay with my great-grandmother every Saturday night, and before going to bed, we would say our prayers. She would take the time to include the names of her 10 children, their kids, their kid’s kids, and even do her version of the US Census. As she would pray for her family both blood and chosen, she would list off what countries they are from, or where their bloodlines originated. It filled her heart with joy to have every letter and color represented among her children. We would pray for the strength and safety of our people and communities. We would pray that the world would produce enough food to feed the starving, we would pray the world would heal.

I now realize we should have included people like you and your “Christ-like believers” in our prayers. Individuals who have lost their way to God, their savior, their higher power, their higher self. We should have been praying for you and people like you all along.

You see Mr. Trump, you have blessed the world by exposing us to the faces of the unloved, and those families who have lost their values, faces of people who have lost their humanity by letting your mortal FEAR and HATE guide them. The manipulated sound bites, and images of your delusions assaulting our eyeballs, tells the real story.

In fact, you have single handedly displayed to the world the sickest, saddest, and unloved, and unloving people on our earth! You, Mr. Trump, have shown the world the faces of the faithless, the godless, you have made a spectacle of their existence, shamed them, and encouraged them to do what most consider wicked and violent behavior. Mr. Trump, you have shown us quite possibly the greatest victims of our forefather’s vocation and Mr. Trump, the cameras are ALL pointing at you and your “Christ-like believers”.

This year marks our 35th Anniversary at El Hispanic News and as a community advocacy publication, we have been trying to win the hearts of people like you and your “Christ-like believers” for eons by showing you the faces of our faith and sharing with guys like you, our love. We share our stories about our mothers, how we honor because we are so close to the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. The stories of our fathers and their strength. Strong enough to build your ivory towers and stand equally as tall with their children through all of life’s transitions. We have shared the stories of our youth, whose courage to work day and night, while going to school and help their family is greater than the faces we see at your rallies, with their bellies full of hate and vomiting violence. I pray you remember nothing is higher than the unconditional love of one’s self and family. I know from experience.

So thank you, Mr. Trump, the gift you have bestowed upon the world is not that of your un-Godly rhetoric. Rather you have shown to the world, the people we never want to be!

We have shared the stories of our love, struggle, pride, injustice, pain, and celebration so you could see our light, hoping that one day you and people like you would WAKE UP! Much like the Pride Celebrations taking place this month worldwide we know Pride does in fact begin with one’s self love!

Thankfully over the years, the overwhelming majority have been waking up, and love is winning. To those who have not; we see you all over our media, and welcome you back into the fold. It’s time to forgive and heal. We have been doing the work of all humanity to save yours. NOW, it’s time you and your believers to do your job for humankind. Mr. Trump, it is time to humble yourself, surrendering yourself to your God because we know you are powerless. Time to get off the camera and on your knees, Mr. Trump, start making amends with your God for God is the one you and your “Christ-like believers” should fear according to your Bible. Not us, the ones with love guiding our hearts and actions.

"So thank you, Mr. Trump, the gift you have bestowed upon the world is not that of your un-Godly rhetoric. Rather you have shown to the world, the people we never want to be!" - Melanie Davis - Owner Brilliant Media llc.

We have no fear because humans like you have tried for thousands of years to destroy and conquer LOVE. Billions of people have been calculatedly eliminated and murdered in cold blood due to corporate war, leaving evil as the only true benefactor. Yes sir, I would say its time to shut the cameras off and get to praying.

In closing, Mr. Trump, I personally and professionally have every reason to hate you and your so-called followers/“Christ-like believers”, however, in the name of my family I personally thank you, because of you  we and the rest of the world now know who to pray for…and may God have mercy on you on your “Christ-like believers.” I am praying for you and your eternal souls…


Melanie Davis

Owner Brilliant Media llc.

P.S. Blessings Sister Melania #Unity