On Ben Cohen and Scantily-Clad Activism

Move along, nothing to see here.

This is very, very important news. The craftiest, most clever activist around, Ben Cohen, “strips, works out, and continues his tireless work as a straight ally with a provocative new photo shoot for a calendar that will benefit his anti-LGBT-bullying foundation,” according to The Advocate.

In May 2011, the former rugby superstar retired to support gay causes. He said it was because he was “in a privileged position. I had a great following in the gay community so I started breaking down those stereotypes when I was still playing rugby. And it got to a point where I decided I wanted to do something more, which is when we set up the foundation. But I didn’t realize how powerful retiring for a cause would be.” Powerful–and sexy.

And apparently somewhere along the journey Cohen got this very strange idea that some gay people enjoy looking at disrobed, sexy, muscular men. Very strange, we know, as we’re convinced the success of Cohen’s foundation, StandUp, has absolutely nothing to do with his brooding good looks. Absolutely nothing at all. We’d be right there standing up with John Goodman. (Actually, we would be. We love us some Goodman.)

There’s even a video! Check it out.

Oh yeah, and apparently there’s some calendar you can buy, too.

Blogger’s note: the dear, sweet Stephen Marc Beaudoin–you know him from PHAME, among other endeavors–reminded me Mr. Cohen has made several successful trips to Portland to raise money for StandUp–and he walked in our Pride parade this year. More cheers to the Cohen–and thanks Stephen for pointing that out!