The veil is dropping on your world. A world you created out of materialism. A self-loathing world that indoctrinates children into plastic soldiers, casualties of your bloody wars on “terror.” The thin veil that protected your privilege as a guaranteed freedom due to your whiteness is dropping. The veil that separated you and your socialistic freedom from people like me, forcing us to brutally turn on each other over debt slavery devouring each other in the name of capitalism.

It seems that the privilege WE have been fighting for has forgotten your race whitey…so, sorry!

For example:
How many times have we heard since the election: “Like, OMG, I was mistaken for a Trump supporter, I mean, like WTF, me, right?”.

In communities of color, we have been responding by asking: “Oh, hmm, is this your first time being racially profiled (clears throat) Becky?”

We have been hearing and reading lots of chatter, many white allies wanting to help, and point blank asking many community leaders of color how they can help (out loud on the internet)? It’s a fair question, particularly during this time of uncertainty. However, asking out loud on the world wide web how to help, does quite the opposite! It puts our leadership on the spot, and if they don’t respond with what a white person deems as a tangible enough action item – the leader is then immediately discredited, and the white person moves on, leaving our communities with the carnage to carry.

Right now we don’t have time to sugar coat ANYTHING, and we need to be perfectly honest with white people, and white people we need you, to be frank with your communities. Because WE don’t know how to roll up YOUR sleeves, nor do WE know how to tie YOUR shoes, because we have never had the chance to be in them, much less walk in them. Now, that privilege has forgotten about you, white America, in what is now Trumplandia – You are finding yourself in our shoes, and for many of you this may be your first trek to the second class citizens track – Let me be the first to welcome you and introduce you to our ancestor’s who have been at the heart of this revolution for a millennia.

Now before joining the revolution, you must do your transformative work. We don’t need false prophets or a Lord and Savior to lead and save us all; many already have one – and that’s more than enough. So, with that, we need you to understand more than ever, right now communities of color and trans people are under lots of stress and pressure. The emotions you are struggling with through this election are what many communities of color and trans people have been struggling with for decades, even generations. So our leadership has that growing stress, plus the added pressure of now being asked in public forums how a white person can help…and trust me, we need your help – But a word of caution before we continue: Please do not be helping for the sake of fame or glory – we see right through that, besides that’s not sustainable leadership, and it’s just arrogant to tokenize acts of humanity! Be humble and authentic. That’s the first part.

Now here is how you can help without having to ask a person of color:
The Marilyn Buck Abolitionist Collective is based out of Portland, OR and seeks to educate and organize white communities in order to directly support African and Indigenous liberation movements. They follow in the political footsteps of Marilyn Buck and other European/White revolutionaries that joined in the struggle against white supremacy and capitalism.

We have heard people say things like “my privilege is in check and don’t need this type of training” – We get it, this exercise is uncomfortable. But not nearly as uncomfortable as living as a second class citizen upon whose backs the entire empire was built for millennia.

We will be asking if you have done this when we are confronted with the question “how can I (the white person) help” – because most importantly, if you have done a few of these things, honestly, you would not have to ask. For those of you who are already engaged and ready to dive further into the revolution PQ Monthly Staff Writer Sossity Chiricuzio offers additional resources in this month’s Embody column.
In closing, I leave you with the words from my friend Alberto Moreno

Ode to MLK
When will we be done serving
The great factories of injustice
Or say that we are finished tending the chains of our own servitude!
How long still will we labor to maintain
the structures of power and privilege?
How much longer will we permit the black and brown of our creed to be placed as collateral for someone else’s greed?
When will we
our own truth speak and no more
The oppressor’s silence keep?!
How much longer will we be held in detention
at grace’s door?
When will you understand that keeping us from justice’s shores
is like keeping marrow from the bone?!

Are you ready to kick 2017 in the A$$!?!
Melanie C. Davis – Owner – Publisher