NOM Announces Starbucks Boycott

The National Organization for Marriage is up in arms over Starbucks’ support of marriage equality and has called upon their faithful to “dump” the coffee empire.

At yesterday’s Starbucks shareholder meeting, Jonathan Baker of NOM’s so-called “Corporate Fairness Project” and Tom Strobar of conservative action group Citizen Action Now queried Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Shultz as to whether the company’s statement in support of same-sex marriage (that it is “core to who we are as a company”) came from the top down and whether it was “prudent to risk the economic interest of all the shareholders for something that would affect the private lives of a very small percentage of our employees.” Shultz’s reply garnered a huge round of applause from shareholders: “I would assure you that the senior team at Starbucks discussed it, and it was, to be candid with you, not a difficult decision for us… we made a decision that we believe was right for our company, we believe it is defensible, but we’re not reaching that decision to in any way offend you our anyone else.”

Regardless, NOM took offense. Quickly after the shareholder meeting, NOM launched a boycott of the coffee empire for reasons detailed on their new website Dump Starbucks:

“We are urging customers across the globe to ‘Dump Starbucks’ because it has taken a corporate-wide position that the definition of marriage between one man and one woman should be eliminated and that same-sex marriage should become equally ‘normal.’ As such, Starbucks has deeply offended at least half its US customers, and the vast majority of its international customers… Starbucks has declared a culture war on all people of faith (and millions of others) who believe that the institution of marriage as one man and one woman is worth preserving. A portion of every cup of coffee purchased at a Starbucks anywhere in the world goes to fund this corporate assault on marriage.”

Doesn’t this news make you crave a venti caramel macchiato? Be sure to get an extra shot of espresso in it, too, to make sure you have the energy to wage that “assault on marriage.”