Q&A: The Re-Segregation of America

Peter Schurmann, New America Media

EDITOR’S NOTE: After Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the Republican Party determined that it needed to connect with the nation’s increasingly diverse electorate. But two years earlier, writes author Dave Daley in his new book Ratf**ked …

Portland Stands With #Orlando

By Olivia Olivia, PQ Monthly

poster from night at Pulse that was Targeted

On Sunday morning, the world woke up to the news that the largest single-person mass shooting in American history had taken 50 lives at a gay club in Orlando, …

Pride Northwest responds to terror attacks in Orlando

This morning, our community was attacked. Fifty precious lives were lost in the Pulse nightclub shooting; fifty beautiful lights were forever extinguished and dozens more changed forever.

We at Pride Northwest met the news with heavy hearts. When senseless violence rocks …

Recent LGBT News

By Vicente Guzman-Orozco, PQ Monthly

Victories and challenges in trans rights

On the heels of a similar move by the Oregon Department of Education, the Obama administration issued guidance in regards to the rights of trans students and employees, ostensibly as a …

Jose Antonio Vargas Seeks $1M For #EmergingUS

New America Media/Inquirer.net, Anthony Advincula

NEW YORK, NY — Jose Antonio Vargas was in Florida last Friday. Three days later, he was on his way to Georgia, then on to Wyoming.

Vargas, the Filipino journalist who rose to prominence after he came …

It’s Time!

Typically this time, of the year I dedicate page 3 to the many accomplishments of our Brilliant Media Team. However, before doing so, I feel it is paramount to discuss a few topics flooding the intersection of every letter, and …