News Briefs, April 2014


An African-American transgender student–who’ll be a junior at George Fox University next year–has been denied on-campus housing at the Oregon college. Jayce M., from Portland, Ore., has medically and socially transitioned—and recently legally transitioned. Jayce’s attorney, Portlander Paul Southwick, filed a …

New Briefs

By Kim Hoffman, PQ Monthly


On Dec. 2, a vicious hate crime took place at Bagby Hot Springs, PQ Monthly reported in our last issue. Mik Holland and a friend were attacked and bludgeoned with a flashlight, and ambulanced to nearby …

News Briefs

By Kim Hoffman, PQ Monthly


On Nov. 25, Oregon Family Council spokeswoman Teresa Harke made upsetting remarks over a proposed ballot measure that would allow businesses refusal of same-sex customers, specifically bakeries. What happened next angered the Jewish community when she …

News Briefs: August/September 2013

AIDS activist Sean Sasser (left), seen here with former Portland Mayor Sam Adam and Sasser’s partner Michael Kaplan at AIDS Walk 2012, died Aug. 7. Photo by Byron Beck

Sean Sasser, an AIDS activist and one-time Portlander who appeared on “Real …

News briefs: July/August 2013

Portland celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Section 3 of DOMA last month with a downtown rally.
Oregon United for Marriage responds to delay with rapid response team
By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

Oregon United for Marriage has been forced …