New Music Monday: The Visitors

In today’s New Music Monday, PQ invites you to consider giving Portland electro-pop duo The Visitors a hand in releasing their debut album.

With influences ranging from rock and soul to classical and electro, The Visitors are on a quest to restore pop music to its proper place of glory by crafting sexy, clever pop songs that are glamorous, infectious and accessible. While the project formed just last year, bandmates Matthew Flowers and Ross Gibbins have impeccable musical cred — Flowers has worked for years as a session vocalist, touring Europe and North America with acclaimed artists such as Chilly Gonzales and Feist, with whom he performed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics; Gibbins is an alum of numerous bands including Strange Young Things and The New Royals. Their intention s a band is to craft music “based in love, acceptance, compassion, and the reality of what are lives are as opposed to a distraction from everyday life.”

After spending the past year writing and recording their debut album, The Visitors are ready to mix, master and release their work. The band has booked engineer Sean Flora (who has previously worked with world-class acts including The Shins, The Gossip, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Franz Ferdinand) to add a little polish and sparkle to what is already a rough gem of an album. However, talent like this requires some resources — and the band has turned to their fans and fans-to-be in the community for support to finish out the production of the album and to finance the shooting of their first video, “So Hot.”

Check out the videos below to hear some clips of The Visitors’ sound and an explanation of their musical goals courtesy of RAW: Natural Born Artists, and view an excellently-produced video explaining their campaign to raise funds for their debut album. If you find yourself moved by Flowers’ and Gibbins’ musical talent, devilish good looks, and articulate charm, consider kicking them some support via IndieGoGo to help them get their musical movement started.