New Music Monday: Small Black

In today’s New Music Monday, PQ invites you to ride the chill wave with reader-recommended act Small Black.

Formed in late 2008 as a bedroom recording project, Brooklyn-based Small Black first made waves with their eponymous debut EP full of pulsing patchwork synths and addictive, stay-gold hooks that seemed to unfurl themselves gradually over repeated listens. Later, their debut LP New Chain introduced a slightly more polished and pop-oriented sensibility to their experimental ethos. “New Chain is both drowsy and insular, but a subtle, muted boogie and Josh Kolenik’s vocal melod[ies] help lodge it into your head,” notes Zach Kelly of Pitchfork. “[the album] still feels like a sunrise bike ride with a head full of weed, but this time in full-blown technicolor.”

The band’s most recent mixtape, Moon Killer, takes their evolution from the chill-out room to the hip-hop dance floor with an overtly sample-heavy sound inspired by beatsmiths including RZA, J Dilla, Drake, and Nas, as well as multiple drop-ins from Das Racist MC Heems. The resulting mix has to be heard to be believed — it’s a unique and entrancing mix of indie hipster pop, hip-hop, world music, and summer Sunday morning groove. In other words, absolutely gorgeous.

Check out “Photojournalist,” “Bad Lover,” and “Camouflage” — then Download their fantastic new mixtape Moon Killer for free at the Small Black website. Chill enough for you, readers?