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By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Get devoted to the “mantra-pop” of out singer-songwriter Robin Renee in today’s New Music Monday.

Everyone needs a bit more bliss in their lives, and New Jersey singer-songwriter Robin Renee is out to help you find it. The bisexual performer was already a fixture on the East Coast folk-rock circuit when a spiritual awakening in 2001 led her to incorporate a richly spiritual, Indian-influenced sensibility into her work. Renee’s newly-released devotional album This. features call-and-response kirtan chanting, a soulful voice reminiscent of Chrissie Hynde or Joan Armatrading, and a rich soundscape of organic instrumentation blended seamlessly with light, heart-opening electronic ambience. It has a natural home in the yoga studio, certainly; however, one of Renee’s major strengths as an artist is her ability to translate traditional chants from the Indian subcontinent into a folk-inflected idiom that she terms “mantra-pop.” As Beliefnet’s Bliss Blog explains:

As joyful as the image on the cover, “This” is the newest creation by Mantra-Pop Artist Robin Renée. With four previous CD’s to her credit … her voice is both deep and soaring, stretching the sound spectrum. An Eastern and Western multi-instrumentalist, Robin plays harmonium, guitar and keyboard. My first listen was in the car which carried me along winding roads with the delightfully sing-along-able pieces… It felt like being wrapped in sunshine as I chanted along, helpless to resist its appeal.

Listen to “The Other End of the Line,” “Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho,” “I’m Coming Down,” and a live busking recording of “Holy River” on the streets of Philadelphia. Feelin’ it? Listen to more tracks off the artist’s new release This. and others on her SoundCloud page.



Post Author: Nick Mattos

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