New Music Monday: Porcelain Raft

In today’s New Music Monday, PQ presents the marvelously trippy tunes of Porcelain Raft.

Reader-recommended Porcelain Raft is the ideal soundtrack to a zero-gravity environment. The solo project of Italian Mauro Remiddi, Porcelain Raft emerged from a lifetime of musical adventuring that included traveling with the Berlin Youth Circus, working as a pianoman in touring off-Broadway productions, and building up a live-show fanbase in North Korea. Pitchfork’s Josh Love sums up the result of Remiddi’s journeying:

Considering how much globetrotting Remiddi has under his belt, it’s no surprise that his music might start to evoke a sense of rootlessness and impermanence. However, as Porcelain Raft, he’s taken it to the logical extreme of sounding like he no longer exists on this planet. On Strange Weekend, Porcelain Raft’s debut full-length effort, Remiddi sounds like nothing if not a weary sojourner resigned to endlessly floating through the interstellar or spiritual cosmos. His forerunners in this respect are Marc Bolan, John Lennon, and David Bowie, performers who consistently sought some kind of transcendence of the corporeal, struggling to achieve earthly connections and understanding while chafing against the bounds of time and space.

Listen to “Drifting In and Out,” “Tip of Your Tongue,” and “Unless You Speak From Your Heart.” Kind of makes you want to get blazed and watch fireworks, right?