New Music Monday: LP

In today’s New Music Monday, liven up your grey day with new tracks from lesbian pop-rocker LP.

As Caryn Ganz of The Advocate explained of Laura Pergolizzi, or LP, back in 2008:

The first thing most people notice when they see New York singer LP perform is that her girly, poppy voice doesn’t match her rugged rock-‘n’-roll look. The second? She couldn’t care less. “I’m all about contradiction,” she says during a quick break from recording her third album at a Los Angeles studio. “That’s a part of art…” LP’s hipster-handsome style has brought her comparisons to The L Word’s Shane McCutcheon more times than she’d care to discuss, but her vocals are harder to pin down. Kewpie sweet and most at home in the upper registers, there’s a soulful edge to her trilling notes, which conjure Gwen Stefani by way of Pat Benatar. She was in grade school when she discovered that she’d inherited her opera singer mother’s lungs, but she kept uncharacteristically quiet about it. “I’d sing when the vacuum was on, whenever there was a lot of noise,” she says in her Brooklyn-meets-Long Island accent which, like LP, isn’t subtle. As she got older, she grew bolder about her singing–and her sexual orientation. “My mom died before she knew I was gay, and my dad thought it was a phase, then realized it wasn’t. But I didn’t really give a shit either way. I still don’t.”

Since ’08, LP has relocated to Los Angeles (undoubtedly furthering those Shane-from-L-Word comparisons), written songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera and Rihanna, and had tracks featured on numerous television shows and commercials. Her latest EP, Into The Wild, combines the hard and the soft: quaint ukelele over soaring choruses, trilling whistles alongside her booming voice. The result is an EP evoking both Eddie Vedder and Cyndi Lauper, as intimate and charming as it is powerful.

Check out clips of “Into the Wild,” “Levitator,” and “Tokyo Sunrise” — then stream the entire EP for free via Rolling Stone. What do you think of LP’s EP, readers?