In today’s New Music Monday, PQ rocks out to the heavy sound of Dead Sara.

For those in the mood for something intense to end out their long weekend, Dead Sara fits the bill perfectly. The astounding vocal range of frontwoman Emily Armstrong led Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane to name the young Los Angeles band as her favorite new female-fronted act, and for damn good reason: their effect is like Rage Against the Machine fronted by Storm Large. OC Weekly explains the Dead Sara experience:

Reflecting a trend in modern hardcore music… Dead Sara hybridizes and alchemizes sounds that one would never have thought synergistic ten years ago… In their case, it’s a classic rock/screamo mix. Armstrong’s raspy screech stands juxtaposed against the beefy riffage of guitarist Siouxsie Medley. The final product is, in a word, chill-inducing.

Armstrong’s talents on vox go beyond and are most obviously rendered in her incredible range. The raven haired rocker with half a shaved head vascillates between the impassioned brassiness of Melissa Etheridge to the shrill scream of a terydactyl and finally the high pitched coo of a wounded angel. Though there are moments on songs that are angular, the overall movement of the songs is supported by smooth tribal grooves, wah wah guitars and squalls of distortion and feedback.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly — and if you’re battling a Memorial Day hangover, it may exacerbate the pounding in your head. However, those ready to rock simply must check out the video for the band’s first single “Weatherman” along with clips of “Whispers and Ashes” and “Test on my Patience” — then tell us what you think of Dead Sara in the comments!



Post Author: Nick Mattos

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