New Music Monday: Chelsea Wolfe

Feeling sinister? Check out the doom-folk of Chelsea Wolfe in today’s New Music Monday.

Fans of PJ Harvey, Zola Jesus, and Cat Power will howl for Chelsea Wolfe. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter crafts folk-infused post-punk shot through with a tangible sense of doom — which makes it all the more apropos that her most recent album is titled Ἀποκάλυψις (“Apokalypsis”), the Greek word for “apocalypse” or “revelation.” “Ἀποκάλυψις is an intense experience, but it’s also a quite breathtaking one,” notes Jeff Terich of Treble. “Dark and harrowing as Wolfe’s compositions may often be, they’re also beautifully written dirges that enchant as they entrance.”

Check out the creepy-gorgeous videos for “Mer” and “Sunstorm,” along with a live version of “Noorus.” What do you think, folks — dark enough for this sunny summer day?