New Music Monday: Beautiful Eulogy

beautiful eulogy

By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Check out the Stumptown-infused gospel-rap of local act Beautiful Eulogy in today’s New Music Monday.

Make no mistake, Beautiful Eulogy is a very religious bunch — and they’re also one of the most innovative hip-hop acts in Portland. A collaboration between local boys Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano, the trio crafts a distinctive and poignant sound based in the context of its members’ hip-hop roots and shaped by influences like electronic music, folk songs, old hymns, and modern Evangelical worship music. Their sense of innovation even extends to the way they do business: through their label Humble Beast and music distribution service Noisetrade, the group distributed their debut album Satellite Kite for free, and will do the same for their forthcoming album Instruments of Mercy when it’s released tomorrow.

Writer Joe Thorn talks about his great love for Beautiful Eulogy:

Beautiful Eulogy have their own unique sound driven by Courtland Urbano’s direction. I would describe it as a clean, multi-instrumental and digital, powerful yet ethereal and atmospheric sound that lifts up the lyrics without overtaking what is being spoken. And what is spoken is powerful. These are creative lyricists who know how to bend and blend words to create unique rhymes along the lines of revered talents like Brother Ali and Eminem.

Listen to a live cut of their haunting eponymous track “Beautiful Eulogy,” then check out “Vital Lens” and “King Kulture.” If you dig it (and you likely will), go download their catalogue for free via Noisetrade.