Meet the New Anti-LGBTQ Haters

Who wouldn't want to ride in the "hell van"?


Haters are gonna hate. But that inevitable fact doesn’t prevent us from being armed with knowledge of their habits and beliefs. The Southern Poverty Law Center (aka hater watchers), recently added 12 anti-gay organizations to its list of hate groups. The Advocate provides a run-down. I’ve summarized it further.

For the full story, follow the links to the SPLC and/or the organizations’ own sites. The truth really is stranger than fiction.

1. Mission: American (Ohio)

• Gays hate Jesus

• Employers shouldn’t hire gays (because they are more likely to get sick, abuse their partners, and die young)

• Anti-violence PSA’s displayed outside the the Super Bowl were inappropriate

2. Parents Action League (Minnesota)

School curriculum should include “ex-homosexual therapy”

• Educators should use the archaic and discriminatory term GRID (gay related immune deficiency) instead of AIDS

3. Jewish Political Action Committee (New York)

• Protested marriage equality debate in NY using life-sized stuffed dogs to illustrated their belief that same-sex marriage will lead to bestiality.

4. Repent or Burn in Hell Ministry (Alabama)

• Friends of the Westboro Baptist Church; travel the country family-style in the “Hell Van.”

• Being gay is a disease and a punishment from God, like leprosy.

5. Public Advocate of the United States (Virginia)

• Gays are conspiring to create a new America.

• Radical homos have infiltrated government to better indoctrinate children.

6. Save California (California)

• Gays are not born that way

• Children need to be rescued from  “unnatural and unhealthy homosexual-bisexual-cross-dressing role models.”

7. True Light Pentecost Church (South Carolina)

• The “Sodomite/Lesbian movement” is a sign of the end times.

8. Sons of Thundr (Georgia)

• “Sodomites can be Saved.”

• “All homos are: sick, brain damaged, perverts!”

9. Tom Brown Ministries (Texas)

• Tried to prevent El Paso leaders from “reward[ing] fornicators” by granting health benefits to same-sex partners.

• Support legalization of discrimination against gay people.

10. Windsor Hills Baptist Church (Oklahoma)

• Oppose employment nondiscrimination, saying an ordinance in Oklahoma City would bring God’s wrath.

• Half of all murders are committed by LGBT people (didn’t you know?).

11. United Families International (Arizona)

• Supports recriminalizing homosexuality.

• Believe marriage equality will lead to sermon censorship.

12. You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide (Minnesota)

• Conducts school assemblies that serve as a platform for anti-gay messages.