Mattachine Returns — Mark Those Calendars Now…

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly


…because this isn’t just any ol’ queer dance party.

For years now, the likes of Amber Martin, Paul Dawson, PJ Deboy, and, of course, John Cameron Mitchell, have been cramming queers into the West Village’s notorious Julius Tavern–the bar where members of the Mattachine Society demanded drinks to fight the city’s harsh anti-gay laws (which included “no serving known homosexuals.”) The gays insisted on their drinks, riots ensued, then Stonewall, then, well, here we are. (OK, lots happened in between.)

Their once-monthly party in New York City has been so popular, the creatives behind the Mattachine Dance Party decided to take their talents on the road, with wildly successful runs in San Francisco, LA, Denver, and, of course, our fair city. This year’s tour, dubbed “We Love You So Much We Don’t Know Who We Are Anymore” (sounds like many a Saturday night out) arrives in Portland August 10th–at Mississippi Studios. (You can RSVP here.)

Going to Mattachine is an experience–a hell of an experience. You won’t hear Britney, you won’t hear Nicki Manaj (thank god), but you will most certainly be compelled to dance your ass off–the hosts mine the best music from “queer yesteryear and beyond.” Think revolution, think uprising, think JCM and Amber Martin yelling at you from the deejay booth, think the most fun you’ll have all year. (I’ve been both times, there’s no party I look forward to more.)

But, you know, no pressure.

From the hosts: “Here’s your chance to be an early-era, pinko-commie, downtown homo, demand your drink, and careen into someone else’s arms.” By god, there will be careening.

Look for more about Mattachine and its hosts in the next issue of PQ, which is out next Thursday.