Maricon Returns! The World Is Again As It Should Be!

DJs Trans Fat, Moisti, ILL Camino. Photo by Eric Sellers. 

By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

And, all at once, queer hearts all over the city were healed. Unlike that sad Whitney anthem (see the link!), this sweet lover is actually returning to us–Maricon is back! This. Weekend. I am positively giddy.

I don’t even feel like I need to describe this. Every dance and party aficionado in this city knows what this means. A return to glory.

For most of recent memory, Maricon at Matador was one of the best, most consistent places to be on any given Saturday night. An eclectic mix of homos and queers and anyone who’d stumble in, the party was routinely a sweaty, delightful mess. But a party virtually every Saturday night is a tough prospect for anyone in this town, and the deejays (Moisti, Trans Fat, Ill Camino) decided to take a break, regroup, and find a new spot. Enter: The Eagle.

And for anyone with reservations about the venue, DJ Moisti says the bar is welcoming and reaching out to new parts of the community. (I’ve been to Moisti’s first event there–Piss and Vinegar–which boasted a good mix.) That said: all are welcome Saturday. All.

All I have to say: hurry up, weekend gods. Things get going again this Saturday at 10pm at The Eagle–and every 1st Saturday here on out. I can say with the utmost confidence that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be. Maricon’s return is like angels’ singing in our ears.

Check out the promo video:

Oh, and here’s the director’s cut.

This Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, The Eagle. Check it out.

Oh–and guess what?! You can nurse your hangover at Bridge Club on Sunday. Do it. See? We have your whole weekend planned out for you.

Sunday’s forecast: 70 degrees! And look at that lineup. OK, OK, so it might be a perfect weekend. Hint: you can even end the late night with drag queens. See: Superstar Divas.