Marco Davis on National Coming Out Day


By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

Photo by Colin Miller

In honor of National Coming Out Day tomorrow (check out local events here), we present PQ reader Marco Davis (also known as Daylight Cums, and you probably know that if you were anywhere near the last Testify).

“I wish I would have listened to my friends, who encouraged me for years to come out. I fought against every fiber of my being to squelch the freedom cry of my gay pride for too many years. The whole town knew and shouted in yells and hate and I ignored the reality. The only harm it caused was that the so called best years of my life were lived in fear of myself and the power within me.

It was this year, the summer of my 44th year, that I have finally noticed that I walk without shame. I have been out for over 20 years and it has taken that long to unravel the shame and guilt that I have bestowed upon myself. I may have believed it was from others, but I chose to carry that guilt/shame and make it my own.

I look back and wonder what my life would have been like if I would have come out younger, it is a reflection I can not know the outcome to. Would I have been as strong, determined and grounded as I am now? I don’t think I would ever trade my life experience because I love the man I am!

Coming out comes at its own time, one can’t rush it but just be willing to allow the transformation to come. I have more love and support in my life than I ever thought possible. And I share that love and patience.”

Thank you, Marco, for letting us share your story. You can follow him on his blog right here. And share your stories in the comments below.

Hint: visit Astoria.