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By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Watch Madonna’s new short film secretprojectrevolution, created to launch global freedom of expression initiative Art for Freedom.

Directed by Madonna and photographer Steven Klein, the 17-minute film secretprojectrevolution debuted last night to audiences in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Toronto, and London. Dedicated to those who have been persecuted for their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and artistic expression, the film is often stirring, sometimes violent, and just as racy (and arguably appropriative) as you’d imagine a Madonna project to be, as Randy Slovacek of the Randy Report notes:

Madonna stars as a revolutionary thrown in jail for causing a commotion. “I keep telling everyone that I want to start a revolution but no one is taking me seriously.[” Madonna says. “]If I had black skin and an afro, would you take me seriously? If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade, would you take me seriously? Instead, I’m a woman. I’m a blonde. I have tits and ass and an insatiable desire to be noticed.”

The film marks the launch of Art for Freedom, a global initiative formed as a collaboration between Madonna, VICE, and BitTorrent to further freedom of expression. The initiative encourages artists to create video, music, poetry, and photography exploring the question “What Does Freedom Mean to You?” and upload it to the website or use the hashtag #artforfreedom.

Towleroad quotes Madonna explaining her intent in creating the film:

“My goal is to show by the example of secretprojectrevolution my creative commitment to inspire change in the world through artistic expression. I hope my film and other submissions to Art For Freedom will be a call-to-action and give people a place to voice their own creative expression to help fight oppression, intolerance and complacency.”

secretprojectrevolution is available for download as part of a BitTorrent bundle including stills from the film, three HD film trailers, access to an exclusive interview with Madonna by VICE’s CCO Eddy Moretti, and a handwritten note from Madge herself, at In the case you happen to be reading someplace where you can view something NSFW, you can also watch Madonna’s highbrow dance-gunfight  below:


So…  wow. What do you think? Tell us your reactions in the comments.




Post Author: Nick Mattos

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