Local Music Listen – XO Jasen

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

XO Jasen is a new electronic project by Portland musician Jason Mampel. His first release under this name is called Four Love Songs, which is exactly what it sounds like, four songs about love. Queer love. The pronouns of the subjects he sings about change throughout the album and when we reach the last song, Kiss Me Dark Destroyer, the most futuristic of the album, Mampel sings:

I know I know it may seem crazy

this world is a construct baby

you are you are my maiden voyage

and I am I am your dark destroyer

and I will be a woman

and I will be your man


There’s actually a music video for Kiss Me Dark Destroyer.

XO JasenI’m actually quite fond of the opening track Unlearn, Mampel tells the object of affection, “I won’t cringe at the sound of your voice. I won’t hide your flailing hands.”

With it’s slower tempo, pop lyrics, and dance beats it’s an album to get lost in. You can listen to Four Love Songs on Soundcloud or Bandcamp (free download).

Yes to songs that don’t shame femme guys.