Liz Rodriguez Given Mariposa Award

Liz Rodriguez Given Mariposa AwardBy George T. Nicola, GLAPN

Portlander Liz Rodriguez’s commitment to the LGBTQ community has been extensive. For several years, she has been Co-Chair of Portland Latino Gay Pride (PLGP). In this role, Liz helps bring events to Portland which celebrate and recognize the talents, contributions, and experiences of the LGBTQ Latino/a community.

Liz is also a Co-Chair of Multnomah County Prism. According to the County, Prism is an “ERG [employee resource group] focusing on ensuring equity and inclusion for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) County employees and providing a place for LGBTQ employees to support each other’s professional growth. Prism members come from many different backgrounds and work at all levels and all departments throughout the County.”

In her role as Prism Co-Chair, Liz advocates for and provides opportunities and events which help create a safe space and resource for Multnomah County LGBTQ and gender variant employees. She also helps develop strategies and action plans to identify and address the challenges LGBTQ people face as a community.

Liz was instrumental in having LGBTQ community activists invited to a 2013 Multnomah County Board meeting where they spoke in support of National Coming Out Day. After the testimony, the Board passed a proclamation designating October 11, 2013 as National Coming Out Day in Multnomah County. In Pride season 2015, Liz invited GLAPN to address Prism on Oregon LGBTQ history. Liz also invited Prism and other community members to address the County Board in June of this year.  Following the testimony, the Board unanimously declared June 2015 to be Pride month.

In recognition to Liz’s many efforts and contributions, Portland Latino Gay Pride presented Liz with its 2015 Mariposa Award.