Linked Out: Rainy days and Fargo gays

How gay IS Fargo?


By Aimee Genter-Gilmore, PQ Monthly


Well, it’s another rainy, dreary day in Portland. That’s March for ya. Luckily, the theater queen inside me is tickled pink because I’ve got matinee tickets to see Wicked this afternoon! Hooray! Speaking of musical theater…


Universal, Barbra Streisand And Joel Silver Tap Julian Fellowes To Script ‘Gypsy’

Yes, the rumors are true. Barbra Streisand has been threatening to make a big screen version of the venerable musical Gypsy. It seemed to have stalled out a little while ago, but now they seem to be back into full-swing, nabbing Julian Fellowes to write the screenplay, fresh off his success with the series Downton Abbey.

Now, I love Babs more than just about any other Broadway diva (“Stritchy” excluded, of course). But I just don’t see her as Mama Rose. I really don’t. This was a role made famous by Ethel Merman, Bernadette Peters, and Patti LuPone. She just doesn’t seem to have the “brass” to belt it out. Hopefully, she will prove me wrong.

Oh, also… NEWS FLASH, there already was a movie version of Gyspy. Starring Bette Midler. She’s got more brass than all of the other Mama Roses combined.



Convention and Visitors Bureau aiming to draw gay travelers to Fargo

You may not know this, but I spent my freshman year of college in Fargo. You betcha, I did. (Truthfully, I went to school in Moorhead, MN, but it is literally a 5-minute walk to Fargo, so I have just always said Fargo, ’cause no one has ever heard of Moorhead.) And I was lucky enough to have come out of the closet in high school, meaning that, for a year, I was a Fargo gay.

Now, Fargo is actually pretty much a college town. Sure, on the weekends, the chances are high that you may run into a farm family packed into a rusted-out pickup truck aiming to spend some time in “the big city,” but primarily, if you’re out and about in Fargo, you’re pretty much in the company of other college students.

I remember heading out to the one gay bar for all-ages night. And I’m pretty sure that the “gay bar” was actually a banquet room at a bowling alley… I really can’t remember. (I am old, and have “Mom Brain,” all right?) And I’m pretty sure I remember a middle-aged guy dancing in his underwear at that night, but that’s really all I can remember. I also went to a “poetry slam,” which is not technically “gay,” but come on…

So Fargo is trying to court the gay traveler, and to them, I say thank you, and good luck. The main problem being that there is absolutely nothing anywhere near Fargo. And Fargo really isn’t a destination in itself, is it? At best, it’s a very uneventful 4-hour drive through the plains to Minneapolis, and in that instance, the journey doesn’t really add anything to the experience.

Is Fargo a part of your future travel plans? Talk it out in the comments.

Queerty’s Gay Guide To: St. Patrick’s Day

It’s that time of year again, and gay blog Queerty has compiled a guide to make St. Patrick’s day feel a little more gay-friendly:

2. It’s the one time us gays can stop caring about what we’re wearing.

“I think St. Patty’s day is a really good excuse to dress like a tool,” style maven and reality star Brad Goreski told Queerty. And it’s true: So long as it’s green and relatively unstained, you’re safe. (Fun fact: originally the color associated with Saint Patrick was blue.)

I, of course, have my own response to St. Patrick’s day. I kind of consider it Liberation Day for me, because on St. Patrick’s Day 2008, I finally gathered up the courage to break up with a woman with whom I had a somewhat dysfunctional relationship, leading me to meet my wife, Nattie G, and eventually leading me to meet my son, Oscar Rocket. So this time of year releases some deep-seeded thoughts of liberty and independence, which leaves me sort of wild-eyed when I think about it.


OK, well… I’ll see you at the press party tonight, right? What, do you have something better to do?