Laid Out’s Birthday! (And Lots More) Your Weekend Forecast!

Laid Out
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

Hello, lovelies! I am headed out of town for a beautiful singles’ retreat writers’ conference, but a quick rundown (a smattering, if you will) of some of the can’t-miss events this weekend (I promise a full DC report when I return):


Drag Origins: A Podcast. There is a lot of drag in Portland. You could even say that there is a renaissance of Portland drag. Portland drag has history ranging as far back as Darcelle to the Superstar Divas to the Ember Queens, the Sweethearts, Sissyboy, and finally, Peep Show and the current wave of drag stars. Watch the panel (which is huge) talk, ask questions. Is drag misogynistic? (Among the queries.) Art, fundraiser, more. Find it on FB. 7pm, Old Town Floyd’s. 118 NW Couch. Free.

LAID OUT: It’s in capital letters because it’s important. From resident Gossip Cat: Fuck the roll call—WE JUST WANNA PARTY and we are bringing the goods. To help celebrate this milestone, we’ve invited the amazing Jens Irish to the booth—he’s been tearing up Portland’s nightlife ever since his (relatively) recent arrival. He’s gonna bring us back to our house-y roots and help us lose our minds. The usual suspects as well. 9pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison. $5.


Brothaz Rock: Feb. 7 was National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, and CAP is having a party to observe it. Testing is at the core of this event and it is critical for prevention. It is hoped all black people will mark Feb. 28 on their calendar as their annual or bi-annual day to get tested for HIV. 10am—9pm, testing, movies, music, games, more. Find them on FB. Pivot, 209 SW Fourth. Free.

Queens Behaving Badly: A Comedy Spectacle featuring Valerie DeVille, Zora Phoenix, Violet Bleeding Hart, Topaz Crawford, Artemis Chase, Pagan Holladay, Jackie Daniels. Whew, that’s a lot of queens. 10pm, Funhouse Lounge, 2432 SE Eleventh. $4. But don’t leave your ones at home—tip your queens.

tuTurnt Up! From the brilliant mind of Dillon Martin: Querdos, basement vibes, intimate, dark, sexy, chill. A simultaneous experiment and execution of queer magic, dance party, house music, and performance downstairs. Lounge space, rad jams, and cute hangout scenario upstairs. We create safe, sexy, and radical space together. 9:30pm, East End, 203 SE Grand. $5.

Die Underweldt is an abstracted pop opera pre supposing that after death, instead of going to heaven or hell, a person goes to a place that resembles Berlin during the Cold War. Performed and developed by Nadia Buyse ( aka DUBAIS ) as apart of the HBBV residency program in Berlin, Germany, and sponsored by the Calligram Art Foundation and Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. From their event listing:

“Nadia is a Portland based trans-disciplinary visual artist, cultural activist, and musician. Since receiving her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art last May, Nadia has performed, spoken, and shown work in a multitude of places and spaces, including (d)OCUMENTA 13, ART STAYS festival in Ptuj, Slovenia, T: BA festival, Berlin Month of Performance art and FREE THE WORD fest in the Republic of Georgia. This will be her last Performance in Portland before she moves to Berlin.”

Twerk. DJs ILL Camino and II Trill. Keywords: bring your twerk. The city’s longest-running queer hip hop/R&B party–where artists, deejays, performers come to mix, mingle, and move on the dance floor. Established fun, all night long. 9pm, Local Lounge, 3536 NE MLK. $5.


This is all you needMaricón! Ill Camino rotates special guests and reinvents Crush with his beloved once-monthly dance party. (Moisti will still make cameos.) For homos and their homeys. 10pm, Crush,1400 SE Morrison. $3.


Fuck the Oscars–these things:


B!tches Be Brunching: A Sunday Brunch show hosted by the one and only Valerie DeVille–be there for the premiere. Mattie Mae’s Bloody Mary bar featuring Absolut Harvest, (Absolut Vodka infused with fresh vegetables from the local Farmer’s Market). Mimosas by the Bottle. And a special Brunch Menu featuring food from our favorite Neighbor, The Roxy. (Don’t be scared, embrace it.) Tunes by DJ Aurora. Special Guest B!tches: Violet Bleeding Hart, Honey Bea Hart, Aliyah Nicole & Ivanaha Fusionn. Show starts at Noon. Scandals, in the heart of the “glamour district,” says Valerie. 1125 SW Stark. 

bridge C

Bridge Club. A slew of stellar deejays play music on the city’s most treasured patio. Old Boys Club regularly welcomes special guests. Snack, mingle, get down. Bridge club is delighted to announce its permanent new home—Vendetta! No winter hiatus this year, lovelies. 3pm, Vendetta, 4306 N Williams. Free.

Check out our piece on these boys here. “From the first moment I stepped onto that patio at Produce Row, I was in love with Bridge Club. It had been a long time since there was a sustained queer social held on a Sunday afternoon that held my interest—think way back to Poison Waters’ Church of the Poison Mind. (Shhh, I am very young.) For me and quite a few others, the (new) Sunday t-dance is a reinvention of our forgotten history—a nod to times when we couldn’t dance together in public, let alone, say, kiss. It’s a nod to the queers who partied in discreet speakeasies; women who danced with women and men who danced with men—and those who quickly changed partners when the police raids came.

Sunday socials are about community (and perhaps a Bloody Mary or three). They’re a place where queers come together to talk art, politics, fashion, and all manner of gossip—where deejays experiment with music and share their passion with you, where artists make their art. It isn’t just about partying—it’s more celebration; a celebration of our diverse, immensely talented collective. And we don’t judge you if you stay home and watch “60 Minutes”—just don’t judge us for wanting to revel in near-divine glory.”


NecroNancy–a gay goth night! OH MY GOTH. The Lovecraft Bar’s official gay goth night is finally here. NecroNancy is the first Sunday of every month. Resident deejays StormyRoxx & Shachristmas Lamiracle–special guest to help us kick off this party is DJ Fingerbang. Zombie/Monster drawings by Michael Horwitz. Expect the unexpected and undead–are you light as a feather? Wanna get stiff as a board? Lovecraft, 421 SE Grand. Free. 

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