Kiss-Ins, Randy Rainbow, and the First Amendment: Your Friday Chick-fil-A Round-Up

Whether or not you’re exhausted by all the coverage of this Chick-fil-A situation and whether or not you think it’s a fight worth fighting, it’s doubtful this once-obscure fast-food chain and its once-overlooked beliefs and practices are going to fade back into obscurity anytime soon. Like it or not, it’s become a symbol of sorts for the same-sex marriage fight–and folks are battening down the hatches, digging in, and solidifying their positions. To recap:

Today, at Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country, activists have planned a Kiss-In Day, where queers will show up to make out in protest of Dan Cathy’s overly-detailed opposition to marriage equality (hint: he believes you can pray the gay away). It’s at least in part a response to the restaurant’s recent “appreciation” day, which allegedly set a sales record (and was organized by conservative blowhard former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee).

(And yes, plenty of people have pointed out the number of high profile–bigger, better–companies who have committed to gay rights.)

The issue has borne a slew of viral videos–like the one starring John Goodman we posted yesterday and the parody Willam Belli & Co. cooked up awhile back. (The latter is approaching two million views.) Count Randy Rainbow among those taking on the¬†behemoth¬†of sweet fried chickens–his video dropped Wednesday, and it features his trademark (brilliant) voice-overs and audio editing. In this installment: Sarah “Oh Heck No” Palin and Rick Santorum, just for starters:

Also, if you haven’t seen his “Randy Rainbow is Dating Kirk Cameron” bit, you really must. Here.

In more serious updates, two writers remind us why this whole thing matters in the first place. David Badash offers the five reasons Chick-fil-A isn’t what you think and Noah Michelson reminds us why this isn’t merely a First Amendment issue. Serious, funny, funny, serious, serious. That’s how we like it at PQ.

Have a great weekend, kids, whatever you end up doing–and there’s plenty happening. Need pointers? Revisit our midweek forecast.