Kellan Lutz & Camilla Belle to Play Bullied Straight Couple in Gay-Dominated World

Kellan Lutz
Young stars Kellan Lutz and Camilla Belle will play a straight couple struggling to fit into a culture in which homosexuality is the norm in an upcoming film.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Lutz and Belle are in final contract negotiations to play a couple in a world in which heterosexuality is “the love that dare not speak its name” in the forthcoming indie film Love Is All You Need?:

The film is set in a world where homosexuality is the norm and follows several storylines. Belle, who is in final negotiations, will play a star quarterback (yes, you read that right) adored by a large fan base while Lutz, whose deal is closed, is an aspiring journalist. The two fall in love, with their relationship growing in secret, but when the romance becomes public, the two find themselves being bullied.

The feature film is based on a concept and short film written and directed Kim Rocco Shields, who is also co-writing and directing the Lutz- and Belle-helmed feature. Shields explains her inspiration and intentions for the two-part Love Is All You Need? project:

Although being gay is becoming more socially acceptable on a global scale and people are still shocked to hear about these teen suicides, prejudice is still everywhere and I felt that there needs to be more done… more needs to be done to spread messages of acceptance through mainstream media.

“Love is All You need?” is my attempt – to show the world – what it would be like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

What would it be like to be bullied, beat up, and shunned by your peers? What would it be like to think that your life has no reason to live?

What if it was abnormal for a girl and a boy to fall in love?

My hope is that this film can screen all over the world – and close minded people will see a piece of themselves in Ashley Curtis – and identify – and realize how insane it is to be tormented because of who you are…or who you might be.

Upon telling the premise to my colleagues, I was instantly met with a lot of questions and notions. My favorite, and most common, was “oh, a gay world? So every man is flamboyant and every woman looks butch?”

Again, this film is not about ‘genderizing’ or ‘stereotyping’. Just like our world is not filled with the Marlboro man – the depiction of this world follows suit. It is my notion that people are just people – and they should NOT be defined by their sexual preference in any regard.

Although “Love Is All You Need” may cause some uneasiness in viewers, it is important for us to keep in mind that, believe it or not, everything that happens to Ashley has actually happened to a child somewhere in this world. How would YOU live in a world where you couldn’t love?

The feature film Love Is All You Need? is currently in pre-production and no release dates have so far been revealed. Are you excited about the film, readers?