John Goodman Plays Gay-Loving Colonel Sanders in New Viral Video

John Goodman roasts chicken sandwich controversies — and corporate pandering to the gay dollar — in a new Funny or Die viral video.

Now that gays aren’t supposed to eat at Chik-fil-A, how are we supposed to deal with our snack attacks? While chains such as Hambuger Mary’s are stepping up to provide “hate-free” chicken sandwich options, what about late-night fourth-meal GMO meat cravings? Enter KFC’s iconic spokesman Colonel Sanders — in a spot-on parody by John Goodman. “Let it be known that Colonel Sanders loves the gays. Heck, I might even BE gay!” Goodman hilariously asserts in his new Funny or Die video. “I prefer to see the world the way that my hormone-loaded, genetically-engineered chickens do — without gender. Or beaks. Or a butt…”

Well-played, Goodman. Well-played. What do you think, readers?