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Beth Darr

Beth Darr

LOCAL founder and editor Elizabeth “Beth” Antoinette Darr, 34, passed away unexpectedly April 30 in her Seattle home. Darr had been suffering from complications from a 2004 auto accident. She created the social media site, which was on the …

Equality Ride hits the road for justice, acceptance

Equality Riders with banner

By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Equality Riders are bringing their message of nonviolent resistance activism to cities nationwide.
Students, administrators, activists, and churchgoers alike were brought together last month when the traveling activist initiative Equality Ride rolled through Portland, spreading the good …

Portland’s nude folk hero strips and tells

John Brennan

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

John Brennan's impromptu TSA protest landed him in the media spotlight. Photo by Xilia Faye, PQ Monthly
John Brennan’s now-infamous nude protest at the Portland International Airport may have been impromptu, but that doesn’t mean it was …

God and gays: Does the Bible actually condemn us?

By Neil “Nikki” Heilpern, PQ Monthly

Author Jay Michaelson spoke at the Q Center in April. Behind him, Debra Kolodny, rabbi for Portland’s Jewish Renewal congregation Pnai Or, checks out his book, “God vs. Gay?” Photo by Neil Heilpern, PQ Monthly
Why …

Stories of coming out in faith communities

Compiled and edited by Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

Artwork by Erin Rood, PQ Monthly
Recent polls indicate that 83 percent of Americans identify as a member of a religious denomination, and a majority of Americans report that their religion plays a “very …