Eat, Drink, and Be Mary: February/March 2013

Family style
By Brock Daniels, PQ Monthly

Fortunate to live in an amazing culinary niche, Portlanders are handed an array of eatery types. From incredible street cart food wrapped in paper to candle-lit, romantic fine dining restaurants, there is something here for …

Cultivating Life: February/March 2013

Four of my favorite shrubs to get a Portland gardener through winter


By LeAnn Locher, PQ Monthly

I sniffed the air as I exited my car in the driveway. I could smell it. A plant in bloom. Big fragrant bloom. I inhaled …

The Lady Chronicles: February/March 2013

The Lady Chronicles by Daniel Borgen

‘Get a taco, get a taxi’: an L.A. retrospective
By Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly

When I was a young gay — before I could (legally) enter bars and I still frequented The City — I worked in the mortgage industry. Specifically, as …

Whiskey & Sympathy: February/March 2013

Dear Sophia and Gula

I’ve been in a polyamorous relationship with three wonderful women for two years, and at the start everything was gorgeous. We were all very much in love, and had wonderful communication about it. However, just recently I’ve …

Queer Aperture Q&A: February/March 2013

Shaley Howard. Photo by Jeffrey Horvitz
Through his Queer Aperture project, photographer Jeffrey Horvitz has spent years documenting the LGBTQ communities of Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. He’s well aware that a picture paints a whole mess of words, …

Astroscopes: February/March 2013



When was the last time you asked yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Aries live so “in the moment,” you rarely question the reasons underneath the impulse. Planetary aspects provide Aha! moments where you fully see yourself , realize you’re …