Get Out: April/May 2013 Calendar

As the days get longer and brighter, said days are filling up with more and more sweet goodness. Not that we’re a city to rest on our laurels—we sure stayed busy busy this winter. We’re routinely running out of space …

QDoc goes big with ‘Divine’ opening night

QDoc opens with “I am Divine,” about the iconic performer who frequently worked with John Waters.
By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

As QDoc grows into a preeminent festival for queer documentary film, it is expanding its reach into the LGBTQ community and …

‘Herstory/History’ is our story

Boys in the Band

Bjorn Anderson, Matthew Kerrigan, and Jeffrey Arrington are Donald, Harold, and Michael in “The Boys in the Band.” Photo By Andrew Klaus

By Leela Ginelle, PQ Monthly

To coincide with Pride, Portland’s Defunkt Theatre will present “Herstory/History,” a coupling of two landmark plays: …

What a Riot!: It’s All About You

By Wyatt Riot, PQ Monthly

As marginalized people with our various sexualities and/or gender identities (among possible other factors), we’re often taught and shown early on that what we desire/who we are might not be “right.” Regardless of the impact our upbringings …

Radical Faerie Film Fest makes Portland debut

The Radical Faerie Film Festival is coming to Portland after debuting in Seattle last year. Photo by Marcus Oldham
By Erin Rook,PQ Monthly

After attending the 2011 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Michael Nugent (aka Sweet Chi), 27, and Sister Bhakti …