Hot On Your Wall: Liza Minnelli Versus a Lamp

By Nick Mattos, PQ Monthly

In today’s look at social media, PQ Monthly shares a viral video in which “the lamp goes out and the party starts!”

Liza Minnelli is a strong contender for the title of Longest-Running Gay Trope. The Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award-winner has style, pedigree, and history on her side — but what happens when she’s about to be late for the opening night of Cats and she can’t figure out how to shut off a lamp? Check out this recent Saturday Night Live sketch in which Liza (played hilariously by Kristen Wiig) “makes those little kitties wait” while she attempts to “find the clickah that dims the whole shebang:”

“I choked on a shramp!” That makes two of us, Liza.

Also, speaking of SNL: Deadline reports that the long-running sketch show will shortly be a little bit more lesbionic with the addition of out comedian Kate McKinnon to the cast. The funny lady, who made a name for herself working with the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Big Gay Sketch Show, will be the show’s first out lesbian to join the cast since the late Danitra Vance was cast way back in 1985. McKinnon may join the show as early as next weekend’s Sofia Vergara-hosted episode — so ladies, set your TiVOs!