Here’s the story…

… of one mighty excited group of people. The staff of PQ Monthly has been in a tizzy for the last few weeks — scrambling within an incredibly short gestation period to bring into the world a new publication worthy of our community.

We hope you’re as gaga over our new baby as we are — and that you’ll feel a sense of parental responsibility for it as well. PQ Monthly is a work in progress, and it will take a village to help it grow to what it can and should be. We’ll need your suggestions, your letters, your guest columns and opinions, your advertising dollars (let’s be honest — we really need those!), and your expertise as story sources as we move forward.

Our goal at PQ Monthly is to represent, celebrate, and commingle ever letter and every color of the LGBTQ community. We recognize it will be impossible to reach this level of inclusion in every single issue — and we don’t even come close this first time around — but if you don’t see an aspect of the community represented on a semi-regular basis, we need to hear from you.

Our wish list for the near future includes letters to the editor (of course), more community opinion pieces and columns, readers’ photo submissions, restaurant and business profiles, birth and marriage announcements, obituaries, and much more. What’s on your wish list? Please email to let us know. Also, please check in regularly at for blogs, news updates, expanded features, and to submit your events and your announcements of major life transitions. Of course we look forward to a lively exchange in the comment sections of the articles.

We would be incredibly remiss if we did not also take an opportunity to express our appreciation for Just Out’s many years of informing and empowering our community, especially during times when we couldn’t be as out and proud as we are now. This big bouncing queer baby of ours wouldn’t exist without its predecessors.

PQ Monthly is a voice for all letters, all colors, all generations — for all Proud Queers.

Affectionately and excitedly,
The PQ Monthly Team