She stole that.

By Melanie Davis, for Brilliant Media llc.

In the October 2015 Edition of PQ, I inked a piece called ‘Dear you of today,’ which ended up being a precursor to the drastic changes that were about to unexpectedly manifest during the …

“Bareback Sex- Tantalizing, or Taboo?”

By Monty Herron, PQ Monthly

It’s time to have a conversation about….. bareback sex. GASP! Whaaaat? Yeah, we need to start talking about our sexual health. With the advent of PrEP, (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)  TasP, (Treatment as Prevention) and PeP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis), …


By Giovanni Blair McKenzie, PQ Monthly

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis or struggling with thoughts of suicide, first know that you are beautiful, talented, and loved. Your existence makes the world a better place.


Never underestimate the power …

Theatre Review – Forever

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

Forever is a difficult show to talk about, so I’ll start with this: Walking out of the show no one in the audience could say anything right away; we were all reeling from what we had …

January is National Stalking Awareness Month

By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly

While the actual definitions of stalking, legal or otherwise, vary the Stalking Resource Center defines it as “a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear.” Some …

The Future of Cascade AIDS Project

By Melanie Davis, PQ Monthly

Thirty years ago Rock Hudson died of AIDS. The passing of this famous person helped increases public awareness of the disease considerably. However, our world was not prepared for the tsunami of souls this epidemic would, …