Gossip and Kaia Wilson Drop New Albums

By Erin Rook, PQ Monthly

Two new albums from major queer musicians are out today — Gossip’s “A Joyful Noise” and Kaia Wilson’s “TWO ADULT WOMEN IN LOVE.”

According to the UK Guardian, “A Joyful Noise” is less raw and more produced, a la Abba:

It’s been three years since Gossip’s last album, Music for Men, so how has Beth Ditto been spending her time? To a very great extent – as she tells the Observer in an interview to be published this Sunday – she’s been listening to a lot of Abba. She had, she says, become intrigued with the possibilities of songs that were rigorously constructed and produced: “That’s the thing about Abba. There is zero rawness. That’s so incredible to me. I think I’m really infatuated with that right now because that’s not the music I usually listen to. It never caught my attention before.”

The new album, A Joyful Noise, the band’s fifth, is produced by Brian Higgins of Xenomania, and on first listen, it sounds bold, brassy and highly accessible.

You can listening the album streaming here.

Wilson’s album (which we chatted about in an interview for the February issue of PQ), “TWO ADULT WOMEN IN LOVE,” was also released today (which is also, perhaps not coincidentally, Harvey Milk Day):

Wilson has been writing and recording the album over the past six years, giving it time to absorb a wide range of life experiences.

“I really wrote from a place of a lot of very serious and real grief. A lot of the songs, about half of them, are about really sad shit that happened to me,” Wilson says. “I think it has a lot of material that is very quickly and easily relatable.”

But it isn’t all sad songs. In fact, it was the album’s happier tracks that provided the impetus to move the project forward.

“It’s cause I fell in love,” she admits. “And then I wrote some new songs and I [thought] I might as well record them and then take all the other ones and spruce them up or whatever I’m going to do to them and put out a record.”

So check them both out. If you still aren’t motivated, watch the videos below.

(The newspaper nerd in me appreciates the use of typography and black and white images in the just released video for “Move in the Right Direction.”)

(And Wilson playing a cover of Enya’s “Sail Away” in April, because, well, it’s awesome.)

[UPDATE: Gossip will be on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight, May 22!]