George T. Nicola, GLAPN


Nominations for Queer Heroes NW close on April 30, as GLAPN, the Pacific Northwest LGBTQ history group, begins their fifth annual look at the bright spots in our community. GLAPN will once again announce a Queer Hero for every day of June 2016 in celebration of Pride Month.

Queer Heroes 2016 IMGQueer Heroes are nominated from our community. (Check to see who has been honored in the past.) The nominee should not be a past winner, nor should they be currently in elected or high level appointed public office. Other than that, anyone in the Pacific Northwest, living or dead, straight cis ally or LGBTQ, is eligible. So are organizations, though preference tends to be for individuals or small groups of individuals.


A Queer Hero could be a community superstar or a humble volunteer who shows up without fail. If they have made things better for or somehow improved the lives of LGBTQ people, we want to hear about them.


Please nominate online by April 30 at We look forward to hearing from you!