Gay Rugby Player Gareth Thomas Inspires New Christian Louboutin Shoe Design

Out rugby star Gareth Thomas has joined the ranks of pro athletes with shoes named after them.

OMG Blog explains the inspiration behind French luxury designer Christian Louboutin‘s new creation:

Gareth Thomas fans will obviously be turning up by the throng-load to see the out rugby star’s [forthcoming] biopic… but until that day comes, they’ll have to settle for wearing the athlete’s shoes instead. Christian Louboutin named this red-soled interpretation of a classic wing tipped shoe after his beefy Welsh friend, even recently sporting the “Gareth” at the opening of a London Design Museum exhibition celebrating his lifetime of work. And who says fashion and sports have nothing in common?

While the shoes are certainly not cut out for the scrum, they’re still quite handsome, don’t you think? Readers: would you rock a pair of Gareths?